Inspired by "Aerogun field"  and "Castle Adventure".

The bug invaders are coming to destroy master branch. Your mission is to prevent bugs conquering the production.



  • (left) move left
  • (right) move right
  • (spacebar) fire
  • (enter) start / restart game


Fork/Code review welcome.



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Nice game! Very playable, though maybe progresses a bit slowly. I was able to make it to 2002 before I got tired of it.

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I agree with you, but the game published here is not the latest version.

Check the latest version on Github - master branch.


Tried git reset --hard after game over but it didn't help. Nice little game.


Gorgeous, perfect visual design! I got nostalgia for a game that never existed; so weird! I love this game. Well done :) If only it were possible for you to make this into an actual, hand-held LCD game; I would love that!!

P.S. 405 woot!

nice, could be a record!


really like the artwork and sounds. do you have plans on making the gameplay more sophisticated/challenging?

Don't know yet, usually these games just increase the speed of enemies, that's all.


Limiting the number of shots on-screen (rather than just per-line) would help prevent pure spamming.


You really captured the theme of the game off here. This brings back memories of playing these LCD based games as a kid. Great job on the details.


Awesome game and amazing graphics! I love the level of detail in this. Masterpiece!

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It's awesome to be able to play octocat, that's a dream coming true !


This is so nice! Love it!


Very nice! Good job!


The UI alone brought me back, really nice work. 


This is really cute! It's definitely a throwback


Great job! Simple and playable.  It will be nice to see this game in real life.

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Glad you like it, yours looks good too!

I may build this in real life with Raspberry PI zero and a custom printed case.


That would be really rad, documentation would be killer if you do!